Interactive Business Website

IBW - Interactive Business Website

Your website should work for you but does it? Most businesses fail to generate any returns from their websites which are passively designed, technologically outdated and offer little more than a business card/brochure combination. They are like a shop that aspires to be unique but lacks a salesperson. The experience of a potential visitor is not rich and hardly goes beyond checking your address and phone but search engines already provide this data.

Kora-Tech can make your website work for you. Our Interactive Business Website is technologically superior platform embedded with digital tools and can help you in many other aspects such as:

General feedback
Specialised feedback or surveys
Client interaction
Human Resources Management
Client retention/Churn reduction tools
Search engine
User specific content
Traffic analysis

Are you interested in increase your sales?

Let us turn your passive website into a small unmanned team working 24x7. Contact us now for an immediate response from someone in charge as well as a free price quotation.